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myBlindConcepts.com.au is your online portal to customise the interior design for roller blinds, wallpaper and canvas wall art.

myBlindConcepts.com.au is working with Hewlett Packard, notably their Digital Latex Ink and Digital Latex Ink Printer, to create a whole new approach to interior design, both commercial and residential, for the printing and manufacturing of unique blinds, wallpaper and wall art.

We combine our 20+ years of blind manufacturing and installation experience, with the latest technology from HP to offer our clients a complete turnkey solution to home or building design. We collaborate with clients, architects and builders to bring your imagination to life.

It can all be done right from here at myBlindConcepts.com.au, or you may choose to contact us at Blind Concepts Australia, for a more personal, traditional service offering.

myBlindConcepts.com.au custom printed interiors make a unique and highly individual statement in any home or commercial building.


The online design portal makes designing easy. All you need is a digital file with your artwork, photo, a favourite family portrait, a unique pattern, advertising or your business logo – or choose from our libraries with the Design Studio.

The opportunities are limited only by our collective imaginations!

The inks and fabrics at myblindconcepts.com.au are designed for the rigours of life.  You will enjoy years of appreciation and practical use of the interiors that you have personally designed. Combine all three options, wall art, blinds and wallpaper to create that WOW factor.

Looking for inspiration? Go to our Design Workshop and choose from an array of resources, including photo libraries and artists. Alternatively, upload your own images. Need help?  Contact us here or call us.

Our inks are a water and latex solution. Meaning they are non-toxic, odourless, soft and mendable; making it green-certified – Our wallpaper, canvas wall art and a selection of our blind fabrics are PVC free.



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Blind Concepts offers a complete range of solutions catering to all your shading needs. With an incredible collection of blinds and awnings, we are your ultimate platform. You can rely on us for high-quality blinds and exceptional service.

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